Chocolate. Coffee. Gelato.


All made on-site from scratch, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Pure, unadulterated deliciousness.

We work directly with cacao farmers in Ecuador who supply us with sustainably farmed, ethically harvested, high quality, organic, fine flavoured beans. 

Beanpod Beans and Farmers

We love turning these beans in luxurious decadent chocolate, utilizing vintage century old stone grinding machines that we imported from Europe. Our viewing window lets you peer directly into where the magic is happening and watch our traditional machines at work!


We sell an extensive range of our famous Fernie Bars, speciality chocolate bars in dark, milk or white chocolate, along with artisan truffles, bonbons and gift collections.

Fernie Beanpod Truffles and BonbonsWe are equally well known for our wide range of espresso based drinks, such as americanos, lattes, our famous mochas and our decadent hot chocolates.  All our coffee is roasted on-site daily and available to take home in freshly packed one pound bags. 

Fernie Beanpod CoffeeWe also make fresh Italian gelato and sorbetto, utilising the traditional multi-day processes and techniques, resulting in perfect intensely flavoured ice-creams to beat back the summer heat!  Selections change daily, see in-store for details. 

Fernie Beanpod Gelato